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Will you join us in raising awareness of our Canadian freedoms in support of SMALL BUSINESS across the nation?
We are a group of private citizens who believe that in our democratic nation of Canada, we ensure the health and safety of all society by empowering the strong and capable in order to protect the most vulnerable.
Canada Needs Small Business

Please join us to raise awareness of the necessity of lifting the emergency measures unnecessarily gridlocking small businesses and decimating financial lives while leading our country away from the freedoms given to us in our Charter of Rights and Constitution.

We want our country strong and free so that,
  • Businesses can function at full capacity
  • Students can go to school
  • People can shop and businesses can serve their customers without restrictions
  • People with medical conditions can seek medical help
  • And, those who are healthy can enjoy all that this nation has to offer! 
Our Goal is to connect with 1.2 million people, representing 1.2 million businesses 

We are creating Unity Across the Nation by joining together.

Then if necessary, we are one voice and can petition governments asking them to stop emergency measures and media fear, and grant us back our freedoms.

We are not about politics, religion, or minority rights. 

We are also not raising money.

We're raising awareness for what makes Canada a great place to live and work and raise families. 

We believe the majority of all Canadian citizens can thrive under our Rights and Freedoms and the best way to do that is to stand united. 

Here's how you can help get the word out:
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Sing or play 'Oh Canada' at noon in your time zone (Monday to Friday) as a 'Canadian way' of showing our support for small businesses and the people who work with them, and the people they serve!

Here's a link to the lyrics: https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/anthems-canada.html

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I want to keep my freedoms! 

Your name and email is requested for THIS PURPOSE ONLY. You are NOT being added to a database for solicitation. You may receive updates on this campaign, and if you would like more information, you can CONTACT US. Otherwise, this database is owned and managed by a Canadian private small business, MoneyMinding Enterprises Inc. to protect everyone’s privacy.